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Leaders’ Debate Vol. 3

The third, and final, debate saw an increase in active compared to the previous debate. While the total number of tweets & tweeters didn’t reach the volume of the opening debate, the debate though registered highest peak, with 51.7 tweets per second posted as the leaders debated immigration. 

  • Total number of tweets: 154,342 (+11,546 compared to the second debate)
  • Average frequency of tweets: 26.77 tweets per second (+0.1)
  • Number of tweeters: 33,095 (+4,305)
  • Peak: 51.7 tweets per second (+18.52)

Sentiment scores: Clegg 3.13 (-0.5 change from the beginning of the debate), Brown 2.99 (-0.15), Cameron 2.96 (-0.22). Once again, Brown and Cameron scored very closely. While Clegg scored higher, his score dropped the most during the debate, possibly meaning that his performance didn’t match very high expectations.

Update: The morning after the debate sees Cameron and Clegg on 3.26 and Brown on 2.86.

The most tweeted issues:

  • Immigration
  • Tax
  • Banks
  • Jobs
  • Euro
  • Education
  • Amnesty
  • Cuts
  • Manufacturing
  • Benefits
  • Housing
  • Bonus

The following chart shows the frequency of tweets per second over the course of the debate:

Analysis of the first debate can be found here While that of the second debate is here